2 finger tap windows 10

2 finger tap windows 10

Title says it all. 2 finger tap (for right click) is not working on my laptop. I just got it yesterday and I need this. I have a Yoga900 that had this issue but I was able to fix it by going into the registry. However, I’m not able to do that on this model because it uses a Alps touchpad and not Synaptics. Please help!

Re: Y700-14isk No 2 Finger Tap Windows 10

Nevermind figured it out today. Had to actually go into the registry and edit some things under «Gesture» within the ALPS Software section. Works great and it even gave me about 5 other things I can assign to 2 finger tap as well!

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Re: Y700-14isk No 2 Finger Tap Windows 10

Brilliant! Thanks for coming back to post the solution!

Re: Y700-14isk No 2 Finger Tap Windows 10

Would you be able to elaborate as to the registry edits you made? I have a 700-12ISK, and can’t find the settings you’re referring to in the registry. I need the ability to double TAP my trackpad. Thanks!

Re: Y700-14isk No 2 Finger Tap Windows 10

If you have the Elan touchpad:

Re: Y700-14isk No 2 Finger Tap Windows 10

I thought this was going to be another wild goose chase, but that WORKED! Thanks!

It’s mind boggling why they would hide options by default. Why not just open up all the options and let me set what I want? Now to try figuring out some things like three finger drag to move windows.

Re: Y700-14isk No 2 Finger Tap Windows 10

The attached file unlocks all possible Elan touchpad driver settings so that they can be seen and modified from within the GUI. It doesn’t change any actual settings, just makes them all visible and modifiable. To adjust the settings, go to Control Panel (Win-X, P) → MouseELANOptions where you’ll now see much more choice.

Note 1: some of the settings conflict with one another, all the options are not supposed to be enabled at the same time.

Note 2: some of the settings are legacy and possibly conflict with Windows 8/8.1/10 Metro/TIFKAM/Modern UI, if you use that.

Note 3: while the file works fine for me and does not affect any settings as such, just their visibility, it’s still advisable to backup the relevant registry branches before applying it.

Re: Y700-14isk No 2 Finger Tap Windows 10

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