Ad1988b windows 10 x64

SoundMAX для Windows 10 (32/64 bit)

SoundMAX для Windows 10 инсталлирует звуковой драйвер и служебное ПО для использования дополнительных подключаемых устройств. В общей библиотеке указаны версии и модели устройств для поддержки персональными компьютерами на базе известной операционной системы.

При установке обновлений функционал продукта будет обновляться или расширяться, ошибки и мелкие баги будут исправлены. Локализации на многих языках, подробная справочная информация помогают пользователю быстрее разобраться в функциях и плагинах. Рекомендуем скачать SoundMAX для Windows 10 на русском языке без регистрации и смс с официального сайта.

СКАЧАТЬ БЕСПЛАТНО Информация о программе

  • Лицензия: Бесплатная
  • Разработчик: Analog Devices, Inc
  • Языки: русский, украинский, английский
  • Устройства: пк, нетбук, ноутбук (Acer, ASUS, DELL, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, HP, MSI)
  • ОС: Windows 10 Домашняя, Профессиональная, Корпоративная, PRO, Enterprise, Education, Home Edition (обновления 1507, 1511, 1607, 1703, 1709, 1803, 1809)
  • Разрядность: 32 bit, 64 bit, x86
  • Версия: последняя 2020, без вирусов

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SoundMAX HD Audio

Разработчик: SoundMAX
Система: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Категория: Драйвера для Windows / Драйверы звуковых карт / Звуковые карты Creative
Автор: Driverman
Дата: 16-12-2018, 17:18

Сборка драйверов для звуковых карт SoundMAX, данная сборка поддерживает огромное количество звуковых карт Analog Devices SoundMAX. Также с помощью данного драйвера вы сможете устранить большое количество проблем связанных со звуков на компьютере. Установить драйвер будет предельно просто и понятно, запустите установщик и следуйте инструкции. Скачать SoundMAX HD Audio можно с нашего сайта по ссылке без регистрации.

Analog Devices SoundMAX AD1882 Integrated Digital High Definition Audio
Analog Devices SoundMAX AD1882A Integrated Digital High Definition Audio
Analog Devices SoundMAX AD1883 Integrated Digital High Definition Audio
Analog Devices SoundMAX AD1884 Integrated Digital High Definition Audio
Analog Devices SoundMAX AD1884A Integrated Digital High Definition Audio
Analog Devices SoundMAX AD1981 Integrated Digital High Definition Audio
Analog Devices SoundMAX AD1983 Integrated Digital High Definition Audio
Analog Devices SoundMAX AD1984 Integrated Digital High Definition Audio
Analog Devices SoundMAX AD1984A Integrated Digital High Definition Audio
Analog Devices SoundMAX AD1986 Integrated Digital High Definition Audio
Analog Devices SoundMAX AD1986A Integrated Digital High Definition Audio
Analog Devices SoundMAX AD1987 Integrated Digital High Definition Audio
Analog Devices SoundMAX AD1988 Integrated Digital High Definition Audio
Analog Devices SoundMAX AD1988A Integrated Digital High Definition Audio
Analog Devices SoundMAX AD1988B Integrated Digital High Definition Audio
Analog Devices SoundMAX AD1989 Integrated Digital High Definition Audio
Analog Devices SoundMAX AD1989A Integrated Digital High Definition Audio
Analog Devices SoundMAX AD1989B Integrated Digital High Definition Audio

ID устройств:

Скачать драйвер для SoundMAX HD Audio:

Внимание! Прежде чем установить драйвер SoundMAX HD Audio Рекомендуем удалить старую версию драйвера. Как удалить драйвер можно прочесть в разделе FAQ.

Источник статьи: http://windows-driver.com/drayvera-dlya-windows/671-soundmax-hd-audio-610026585.html

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ADI SoundMax BlackHawk Audio Driver

This is one of the rarest, hard to find drivers for Analog Devices SoundMax Audio chips with included BlackHawk control panel which features SonicFocus audio enhancements for deeper bass and richer sound.

I’m using a rather ancient ASUS Rampage II Gene motherboard with ADI AD2000b audio chip and these drivers are the latest I could ever find with BlackHawk panel (others are the same version without BlackHawk). They are specified as Windows 7 drivers, however I’m just using them on Windows 8.1 64bit and everything works perfectly. ASUS switched to Realtek after this so everyone still on SoundMax are stuck with this one…

I’ve been hosting it on my OneDrive for ages but forgot to make a blog post about it. Hope this will help people get it working again.

BlackHawk Control Panel

Details for Analog Devices (ADI) SoundMax BlackHawk Audio Driver

Provider: Analog Devices (ADI)

Driver version:

Driver date: 2009/05/21

BlackHawk Control Panel (SonicFocus): YES

Supported OS: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32bit and 64bit)

Supported audio chip: ADI AD2000b (may work on others)

Update (2015-07-17):

I have just tested this driver pack on Windows 10 64bit and it’s working flawlessly. Installation went without any problems, device is detected as SoundMax HD and SonicFocus audio enhancements function as well. This is good news for all the SoundMax users!

To enhance compatibility of playing music in media player while playing games on Win10 with SoundMax, do the following:

Right click volume icon next ot the clock and select “Playback devices”. Select active SoundMax HD device and click Properties button and then go to Advanced tab. Change the sampling to 24 bit and 96000 Hz and click OK.

This resolved music playback corruption in MusicBee while playing Infinifactory. It might apply to other games as well.


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39 thoughts on “ ADI SoundMax BlackHawk Audio Driver ”

thank you, this will come in handy for my ASUS Rampage Formula (first edition mb) hopefully, I guess this one will works together with windows 10, as you stated.

Lets hope it also works for my older motherboard.

I’m not 100% sure but I think these drivers should also work with AD1988B chip found on Rampage Formula. Give it a try. Create a restore point before installing them just to be sure.

…thank you for the DL link and details. I’m still tossing the Win 10 back and forth presently. Somehow I lost this driver set when I had to reformat my Windows.

Did someone manage to check if this works with AD1988B on Windows 10?

Checked with AD1988B in windows 7 64 bit and windows 10 64 bit on asus p5n32-e sli plus (650i) – negative result. Even when I added WNT_6.2P_64 = Win7_64 to AsusSetup.ini / AsusSetup_64.ini setup says that I have unsupported hardware.

Will try to update [AnalogDevices.NTamd64] section tomorrow and include values from latest official audio driver for my motherboard for vista64

I’ll be checking your progress and updating the article accordingly. If you’ll have a working driver that has the BlackHawk audio panel for AD1988b soundchip, I can host it here for you. I don’t have that ASUS board anymore so this is it, I’ll not be able to actually test anything anymore.

Let me know if you would like me to help running some test. I have an Asus P5K Deluxe WiFi/AP with the AD1988B on Windows 10 64-bit.

I installed on windows 10. It works 100%.

I know its been ages but i recently got striker ii formula mb and could not make optical sound work. Could you tell me how to install the drivers? When i run the driver it says no compatible hardware

Issue was not in driver, but in sound card itself. I fixed it and now it works with your version of driver in windows 10 and windows 7. The only modification that was necessary for win 10 was line “WNT_6.2P_64 = Win7_64” in AsusSetup.ini / AsusSetup_64.ini

Hm, can you try installing original unmodified driver with setup.exe directly instead of using AsusSetup.exe ? I think if you run setup.exe directly, you don’t even have to modify anything. AsusSetup.exe probably has more strict installation routine compared to setup.exe that just installs it regardless of Windows used.

Sorry for late answer. System is already returned to user who asked me for repair. I’ll try setup.exe instead of AsusSetup.exe if/when he bring it back again for maintenance.

I tried installing the unmodified driver with setup.exe and it went through fine. Installation finished, I rebooted, Soundmax detected my 5.1 setup and configured it. Nevertheless, there was no sound from the speakers. Soundmax audio test did not provide an error (other than no sound). Windows speaker audio test provided the error “Could not play test tone” (or something similar).
I had to revert back to the Windows HD audio driver to get sound back (Asus P5K Deluxe WiFi/AP with the AD1988B on Windows 10 64-bit).

This driver Works great on Asus P5n-T Deluxe with Windows 10 /64bit installed. Thankx.

I parsed the .inf file included with this driver package and it does not list the AD2000B chipset. It does however list the AD1988 family of chipsets. I ask because I have an addon soundcard board that came with my old Asus Crosshair III MB, which is the SupremeFX X-FI by Creative soundcard, which has the ADI AD2000B Chipset. Does this driver work in WIndows 10 with this chip.

Yessss! Thank you! I’ve been looking fort this for a number of months now…

it works with asus p5k premium ! i can finaly use my front audio jack ! But now i am having some issues with performance.1080p Youtube video sound gets out of sync and stutters. Also fps is lower in videogames now. Anyone else noticed any performance issues after installing this driver ?

forgot to mention that i have ADI AD1988B

Show! Perfect! Funcionou perfeitamente no windows 10 single language 32b. Extrai o arquivo SoundMAXAD1988B_Audio_V610X6585_Win7_Win8.1_32bit64bit, botão direito do mouse no arquivo Setup.exe, marquei modo compatibilidade com windows7, executei como administrador, instalou perfeitamente e está funcionando 100% Congratulations!

Got my sound equalizer back on my ancient asus p5ke on Windows 10. Thanks!

Hey guys, thanks for sharing your experience here.

I am using AD ADI2000b integrated audio on my ASUS P5Q3 deluxe wifi-@n and am overwhelmed again and again by the power of the Sonic Focus enhancement and the integrated equalizer.

However it is this enhancement that seems to cause audio stutter whenever an additional audio playback channel is closed.

Example: I am playing music on Windows Mediaplayer and in parallel open a video clip in Media Player Home Classic. Once the clip ends or I close the MPC-HC, there is a short, but extremely annoying stutter in audio playback.

Checking mmsys.cpl, Windows confirms there are problems with the AD ADI2000b device’s playback and automatically disables the Sonic Foucs enhancement, after which playback works just fine, but the enhancement is unavailable…

Anyone has an idea how to have both: Stutterless playback and the great capabilities of the Sonic Focus audio enhancement? That would be awesome!

BTW, I use the above latest drivers (thanks for these!) on Windows 10 Pro 64bit.

Have you tried playing with audio frequency settings as mentioned at the end of the article? Maybe even trying 16bit instead of 24bit.

Thanks for the quick response, ErjZoR. I tried several sample and bit rates, but any other setting than the default 16 bit / 48kHz seems to disable Sonic Focus (Option can be re-enabled in settings but does not change anything).

works ok on win10-64 aniversary-1607version with all updates Jan2017.
Mobo M2N32-SLI deluxe

Источник статьи: http://rejzor.wordpress.com/2015/07/10/adi-soundmax-blackhawk-audio-driver-6-10-2-6585/