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How Do I Study for a DANB Exam?

One of the most frequently asked questions DANB receives is, "How do I study for a DANB exam?" While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to studying for a DANB Certification or component exam, we do have several tips for finding the right plan for you.

Everyone who takes a DANB exam has a different level of training, education and experience in dental assisting. Therefore, your method of preparing for an exam should be unique to your individual needs. With this in mind, DANB has developed the following recommendations for developing a study plan.

Step One: Review the Exam Outline

DANB recommends that you begin preparing for an exam with an exam outline. DANB’s exam outlines list every topic that you may find on a particular exam. Review each topic and identify the areas in which you need further study. You may determine that you need to study each topic in the exam outline, or just concentrate on weaker areas. 

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